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 free download songs For people like you searching the web for free download songs, this website allows you to download songs online and will give you as much usage rights as you’d wish to get. Here, there is an ample collection of ready to download online music, jingles, loops and more. To give you an insight into this plethora, you can download free music online by picking one or more of these items and put to personal use without wrestling with convoluted licensing details.


This is one of the free download songs that are compatible with virtually every artistic project you might have at hand. The range of instrumentation encompasses both modern and classic entries, with the ukulele having a significant presence, accompanied by a continuous input of contemporary electro grooves. As concerns style, Clearwater pays homage to old, homely folk tunes, while the beat pattern calls to the ear an easy swing of reggae. Overall, Clearwater is agreeably stirring to listeners of all backgrounds, including those with tastes leaning towards the Caribbean.


If you intend the context of your project to elevate good humor in listeners, this is the right place to come for free songs. The instruments used in recording uke are used rightfully to blend smoothly into an ear-catching beginning, after which the cheerful beat soars with the listener to a happy plateau. Furthermore, this recording features a prettily looped structure. With minimal hassle, you can mold your video and slideshow presentation around this loop, or just let it be a passive, jovial punctuation underlying your content.


The vibrant constancy of this laid-back tune is relaxing at the very least, though the initial notes arouse the listener to expect a riffling delivery. The body of this song is simple, yet furnished with flowing variations. Throughout, there is a merry continuity that carries nearly to the end, where a crafty sweep takes the beat into a peaceful, conclusive retreat. If you have a video presentation requiring firsts the attention of the audience, a steady concentration, followed by a convincing release, upsweep will do just right, and it is (lucky you) among the free download songs available.

Free use

If you obtain songs from this site under a free license, kindly note that the free license terms restrict you from using these three music samples in a commercial setting, radio and web broadcasts, saleable audio products (including audio books), public performances and integration into a song with lyrics. Additionally, you may not make copies or transfer ownership of the works using these free music pieces; neither should you alter the original structure or form of the music itself. However, this is a minor hindrance which you can easily overcome by crediting this site with a link.

Licensed use

Otherwise, you have the option to omit the link and buy a pro license by simply purchasing the license for your free download songs. To buy, just follow the instructions provided on site. When you buy the license to your selected music, you will enjoy loyalty-free use of the same without restriction in the location of use and media wherein the music is utilized. Media here includes broadcast and closed circuit systems, for which you are required to furnish this site with detailed usage information.

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