Why Marketers Must Use Non-Copyrighted Music

Non-copyrighted musicThree Reasons To Use a Non-copyrighted music

  1. If you are making a lot of money from using copyrighted music in your videos, somebody would want a slice of your earnings.
  2. If you are on YouTube your account might receive a copyright strike if it is your first strike. That’s not too bad! But three strikes and you are out of YouTube!
  3. Use a copyrighted music in your videos, and you might be sued by the owner of the music you are using.

That three reasons above are simple; more complications might happen.So marketers! NOW you know why you should start using Non-copyrighted music in your videos!

How marketers need to choose Non-copyrighted music for videos

First, you need to determine why are you uploading this Non-copyrighted music over your video, it is your audience, what you want them to do after watching the video, what they like to listen while they are watching the video, and EVEN who are they watching the video with! Music can make your audience happier while watching your video; it can drive them to do what you want them to do.

If you use Non-copyrighted music you are SAFE:

  • You don’t need to worry about your YouTube channel.
  • You are legally marketing your products so no one can sue you for any reason.

Now you are probably wondering is the Non-copyrighted music as good as the copyrighted music?

HOW good can a Non-copyrighted music be: It can be as good as a copyrighted music, Rising artists or new artists are as good as old artists or even better, you just have to look for the right ones that can fit your needs.

Why as a marketer you should use music with your video:- Music can have its emotional connection with its listener, that’s why videos with sound are viewed more than muted sound videos.- Music can let your audience remember you and your video more, because of its memory connection.

  • Music can enhance your customers’ loyalty because if he/she likes your videos&music, he/she will definitely like you even more.
  • Music can increase your audience engagement ( Like, Share, Comment..), so if you are running an Ad on social media sites, it will cut your costs.
  • Music can increase the chance that your audience will click the CTA ( Call-To-Action).
  • Music can increase your organic reach over the internet (social media, websites).
  • Using copyrighted music can get you problems.
  • Using Non-copyrighted music keeps you legally safe.
  • Google doesn’t like you using copyrighted music so your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) might get in trouble.

Dear Marketers, Using music in your videos enhances the engagement between you and your audience, it encourages your customers to do what you want them to do, So so it right! Pick up the music that fit your audience, make sure you use Non-copyrighted music and block your competitors from taking any actions against you!

Always remember:

  • Non-copyrighted music keeps you safe!!

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Marketing is creativity, if you are not creative in your videos and the music in it, then you are not marketing in today’s business environment.

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