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Let ‘Wrecked Express’ Guitar Songs Get Into Your Soul

Wrecked Express Guitar Songs Guitar-based music is a different genre, it is. It’s hard to differentiate yourself from the other artists, and it is hard to gain a substantial following.

This album stood out to me due to the creativity and mastermind of the artist, Herve Senni. That said, however, guitar-based music can have an impact larger on your thoughts and mood than a song with words.

Guitar songs are an open ended dialogue. It is something that lets you interpret how the song makes you feel. Throughout the album “Wrecked Express,” guitar songs, my mood changed with the music, so props to Senni.

As designed, the tracks are meant to give you a “rock and roll” with a “vibe” twist. With a range of relaxed rock to screeching hard sections, the music is designed for music enthusiast of all kinds. Personally, my favorite track is “Wrecked Express,” mainly because of the elements of music coming together to create something much bigger and complex that a simple guitar riff. The music is mashed and mixed fantastically, and the use of instruments to compliment one another is very enticing.

Released in June of 2017, the album contains a total of 11 tracks, not one of which I didn’t enjoy.

My favorites include “Wrecked Express,” “Neighbour Freak Out,” and “Metal City.” Now, if you listen to those, you will see what I mean by versatility. Coming from the same album, they seem to come from different genres, yet Senni combined them to make one album that can quench the thirst of all rock enthusiasts.

“Metal City” in particular stood out to me. The noise is so much harsher than any other track, yet still displays elite skill on a guitar and a good ear for good sounds.

I am mainly impressed by the album because the same artist has such a variety in their arsenal.

The coolest part of the album is the similarities that can be drawn to many different artists. Van Halen and Def Leopard are two artists that immediately came to mind when I was listening to this album.

To be able to take the work and sounds of the greats and develop that into music, now that’s impressive.

In closing, this album appealed to me as a listener because I enjoyed the pure and raw skill on the fret board. Just by listening, you can tell that the guitar pieces in this album are not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Then, to add other unique sounds to the mix to create a symphony is just phenomenal. “Wrecked Express” was a complete surprise for me, and caused me to double take and keep an eye on what is next from Herve Senni. When it comes to music that can fit any mood, I urge you to give it a chance; it is the most versatile guitar album I have heard in a long time.

To check it out for yourself (which I highly recommend), the album is available on the leading streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, and many others. Go do yourself (And your ears!) a favor and go check out “Wrecked Express” by Herve Senni now! You won’t regret it!

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