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Sell Your Music Online Distrokid: A hassle free solution to sell your music online

You are a musician or a band member, and you have poured many of your precious time and hard work into creating a master piece. But now you are worried what to do next or how do I release my sound track into the market and earn money worth of my hard work from it. If so then keep reading, and I will tell you how you can sell your music online without much effort.

where to release?

If you want to release your track into the market, then the most straightforward and affordable option is Distrokid.com. It is the most reliable platform for any independent music artist looking to release his/her sound tracks on the leading distributors, such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube, and 150+ other online stores as well as streaming platforms.

How much do I have to pay for this?

You may be thinking if Distrokid is offering to sell your music online then he must be charging some handsome commission for himself. But in reality, it’s quite the opposite of that. If you decide on letting Distrokid be the distributor to all your sound tracks to major music stores as well as streaming services, then you just have to pay an initial amount of $19.99/year to sell your music online for a complete whole year without any restriction on how many tracks you can release. If you want to release one track per day, knock yourself out. Above all these, what makes Distrokid so unique is that it allows you to keep every single penny you make from your track for yourself. You don’t have to pay any commission to Distrokid.


Is it as simple as it looks?

DistrokidIf you compare Distrokid with other online sound track distributors, then while trying to release your sound track with other distributors you will have first to sign up then provide them with some information. With Distrokid its as simple as signing up, uploading your music and boom. It’s done. It is quite surprising how quick and efficient it is. You just have to upload your music, and within few hours your sound track will be available on iTunes and Google Play.

If you are also looking to start a music label, then Distrokid is a perfect place for you to start releasing music under your name. For this, you will have to pay a fee of $35.99/year. While releasing your track, you just have to put your name in the label section, and you are ready to sell your music online under your name.


Can I rely on Distrokid?

Well, when it comes to reliability Distrokid can not be outmatched by anyone. If Distrokid has promised to distribute your track on a bunch of different places then, in reality, it happens. Not unlike some other online distributor who fails to keep their promises. So you can rely on Distrokid with your music.

Should you go for Distrokid?

All in all, Distrokid is the best choice to sell your music online, keep all the royalties to yourself and get paid monthly. Not only its cheapest among any other distributors out there but also it has the simplest procedure to upload your music online. Again I would suggest if you are an independent musician them with all your heart go for Distrokid.

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