How to Edit Videos with Vegas Movie Studio Software

How to Edit Videos Vegas Movie Studio Software

how to edit videos Learning how to edit videos and turn them into beautiful works of art can be complex due to the number of issues which need to be addressed: transitions, sound, subtitles, special effects, etc. Even if you’re not proficient in video editing, Vegas Movie Studio gives you a quick and easy way to polish up your videos and get the best out of them. It comes with 4K monitor support, a user-friendly interface and lots of additional features depending on which version of the program you’re using.

Movie Studio

If you’re not sure how to edit videos or just want to get some basic editing done quickly and easily, perhaps this version of the software is best suited to your needs. However, that’s not to say that it comes without useful features: built-in audio and video effects, various presets and Music Maker which can be used to record voice-overs and use them create your soundtracks. If you decide to share your videos to Vimeo, Facebook or YouTube, Vegas Movie Studio will even optimize the video file’s size and upload them directly. Also, there are interactive tutorials designed to explain how to edit videos in a simple, easy to understand way. You can buy this basic package at a price of $49.99.

Movie Studio Platinum

At $.79.99, the somewhat more expensive Platinum version is packed with professional-level editing options, both versatile and advanced. It features advanced video stabilization for recovering shaky videos, the color correction which puts you in complete control over the video’s color settings and a professional Music Maker. If you’re interested in stock and production music, consider visiting In the Platinum edition of Movie Studio, transitions can be customized thanks to NewBlueFX technology which lets you specify how you’d like to move from one scene to the next in numerous different ways. You can even create your movie DVDs and Blu-rays, complete with chapters and parental controls.

Movie Studio Suite

In case of Movie Studio Platinum doesn’t quite have everything you need, video editing pros can access the full potential of Vegas Movie Studio with the Suit version which provides many extra customization options, on top of the ones seen in the Platinum version. This bundle of professional editing tool includes various partner plug-ins for professional video editing and getting the most out of your videos. NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express allows you to insert pro level titles and text, while NewBlueFX and HitFilm provide amazing special effects. Sonic Fire Pro 6 automatically generates music beds, while you can create your soundtracks with Music Maker. This version can be purchased for $139.99.

In the end, you’re the one that decides how to edit videos; Vegas Movie Studio simply provides the inspiration and tools necessary to make your projects look great. However, it does so with close attention to detail and countless editing possibilities, while managing to keep its interface user-friendly. This is what sets it apart from other video editors and ensures high-quality video production while giving you complete control over the process.

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