Pond5 – Royalty-Free Footage Collection Provider

A Royalty-Free Footage Collection Provider That Every Media Creator Must Take Advantage Of!

Royalty-Free Footage Collection If you are a media creator, then you already know that getting the best resources for your project is one of the most important things that you need to take care of.

Thankfully, due to the large royalty-free footage collections available on the Internet, finding such resources is not as time-consuming as it was in the past. Still, because of the significant competition between companies that offer different media materials for those interested in using them, choosing which one to go for can be at times a rather difficult choice to make. Therefore, this article aims to make your decision easier by reviewing the many offers available at pond5.com.

With a unique royalty-free footage collection of more than 8.000.000 clips shot in 4k, 360VR, R3D, or underwater, finding the one that best fits your needs will not be a problem when you sign up for a membership with pond5.com.

Of course, having only the footage you need will not be enough to complete an outstanding project, and pond5 knows this. That’s why they offer 25 different categories of sound effects, and 30 categories of music, including, documentary music, fight, cinematic, or music composed specifically for movie trailers, so that your vision can become a reality ready to be viewed by everyone!

Not only this, but thousands of customizable After Effects templates are at your disposal, waiting to be downloaded and use extensively to bring your creativity to the next level. Also, pond5.com offers 25 categories of 3D models that include aircraft, cities, buildings, spaceships, vehicles, Sci Fi, and more, which you can take advantage of when you become a pond5 member.

Here you will also find a tremendous collection of images, illustrations, vectors and PSDs to complement your project at any time you feel the need to incorporate them in your creative masterpiece.Furthermore, if you are interested in selling your work, then you can do so as well. On pond5.com you get the opportunity to earn 50% out of every sale that you make.


As for the platform itself, the interface is very friendly and intuitive, thus, getting used with it will not take you more than several minutes, and as we all know, time is a critical factor in most of the things we do. Therefore, choosing a friendly website to help you in your work will make your experience more enjoyable and will help you focus more on the project that you have in mind.
In regards to the membership price, you may choose a monthly plan for only $99, or an annual one for no more than a mere $499. It’s worth to mention that pond5.com offers the lowest prices on HD = 4K videos on the market and the update rate with new content is done regularly.

This being said, whether you’re a professional filmmaker, a video editor, or simply an enthusiast who’s looking to create a remarkable video, pond5.com represents the best solution when it comes to choosing the best royalty-free footage collection.

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