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At the onset of technological growth leading to the improvement of the lives of so many people, it is quite easy nowadays to search for materials which individuals might need for their projects. With just a few clicks, all these would be handed over in a breeze. How about that much-needed soothing music for an event or a jingle that would inevitably invite potential customers into one’s new business? Simple.

Anyone can practically search any stock media file in the world and incorporate them in their fields, and just a steady internet connection is needed to acquire these. This eradicates the struggle of having to go to specific locations to capture the necessary module for a project—just one click and the convenience of having it will be provided.

However, this convenience also leads to the infringement of copyright issues. Unless it is indicated in a resource that the stock media material is completely free to use with no added limitations on the side of those who acquired it, restrictions have to be imposed.

Free clips might be available, but these are often of inferior quality or dubious compositions. Add this to the fact that the owners—the composers, artists, producers, and all those who were involved in the creation of the material—are usually not duly credited for their art.

More often than not, if they are not under-compensated, they are not rewarded at all, and this only decreases the initiative to create more super products.

At the genre of sounds, Productiontrax solves all these problems. All types of Royalty Free Music are made available in their particular stock media platform, with varying types of fields made available in their user-free interface.

ProductionTrax Simple means easy, and clients do not need to waste time browsing uncharted territory just to get a piece of the music they require. A customer simply needs to browse the alphabetized list of categories on the right side of the web page, ranging from advertising stints to Blues and Jazz and even the tinkles unique to each culture in the world.

Should one find the need to search for horror-related or even animal stock media sounds, then this is the place to be.

And it doesn’t even have to be complete, distinct files! Effect files, sound design beds, mash ups and voice-overs can also be selected, and these can easily be edited into any personal or commercial project the user has.

As instant as the world gets so does Productiontrax keep up with the demands of the clients about stock media accumulation.

As soon as the scores are purchased (either as a Personal or a Commercial License), these will instantly be downloaded to their devices, with available files types of MP3, WAV and even FLAC that can be selected.

Frequent page visitors will not struggle in finding a favored music as a bookmark option is included, and in the infrequent case that help or support is needed, the company boasts of a 24/7 help desk that will surely address the needs of any inquirers.

Productiontrax and their products can be accessed at

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