Reasons to Use Background Sound Effects

Background sound effects play a huge role in videos making

Background sound effectsBackground sound effects also referred to as “ambiance” or “atmos,” are synthetically generated sound processes often utilized to reinforce artistic content or scenes in movies, TV productions, stage or concert performances, animation works, video and computer games, audio music, or other typologies of media. These sounds do not openly harmonize with the picture or sound.

Background Sound Effects types

They demonstrate a particular setting to the audience or spectators, such as the sounds of a waterfall, the croaking of frogs in a forest setting, the singing of birds to signify a serene environment, the thundering of a football crowd, and the buzzing of fluorescent lights in a house scene.

The sound of individuals conversing in the background can also be a considered as a form of atmos; however, the speaker must be incomprehensible and the language used should be unrecognizable.

Why Using Background Sound Effects

The significance of background sound effects cannot be underestimated, particularly regarding generating the mood needed to actualize a particular setting or presentation – otherwise known as “bringing the scene to life.”

It is evident that a silent movie or video game can be quite annoying. As such, it is obvious that sound effects qualify as great marketing tools by attracting customers to the media and adding the emotional quotient needed to ensure that viewers can relate to your video, audio or presentation in a manner that symbolizes real-life settings.

This generates the needed excitement or “feel,” which in turn propels sales as viewers acknowledge the movies, games, and presentations to be worthy of their time.

Enhancing the message

sound effectAdditionally, background sound effects have been credited for enhancing the message that the producer of a particular media wants to pass to the audience.

Here, it is important to note that sound effects do not distract viewers from understanding the message; rather, they aim to generate a real-life environment which enables the audience to develop an insightful outlook of the video while enhancing its user-friendly features.

These characteristics are of immense importance in the marketing of movies, television productions, concerts, video and computer games, animations and other forms of media as they address the audience’s raw desire for excitement and deep comprehension of issues.

Choosing Sound Effects Wisely

Background sound effects should be used according to the target market and customer demographics. For example, if the product on offer is targeting professionals in corporate offices, it may be unsuitable to use playful or upbeat sound effects usually associated with young children.

On the contrary, producers and marketers should go for a more subtle and formal tone that aligns well with the needs and expectations of professionals. A video targeting young children, on the other hand, should make use of sound effects that are easily identified and internalized by this group of the population.

Overall, sound effects are essential marketing tools that should be utilized in various forms of media to attract more customers and facilitate insightful understanding of the meaning behind a particular production or presentation. However, they need to be creative enough to not only simulate reality but also to ignite the emotional acumen of viewers.

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